Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another way to get a Domain for Free !!!

This is Tricks Factory EXCLUSIVE !!!

Create an account at this Domains forum.
They have a system called NP$. It is like a point based system. They give certain NPs for visiting a member site for 20 seconds. They have hundreds of sites. You just have to visit those sites, inturn you get certain NPs. They give Domains[of your choice] in return for NPs earned.

Depending upon TLDs, like .COM for 425 NPs.
Little Maths:
You click everyday 20 sites. You get 25 NPs. So in under 10-15 days you get your domain. Some days you click more, some days less.


  1. Yes i am working on this. Its really good trick bloggerboy. Thanks for the same.

  2. It's worth to try I think. The tricks sounds reasonable. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm gonna give it try, for sure...